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Maxillofacial Prosthetics

Maxillofacial Prosthetics is a highly specialised aspect of prosthetic rehabilitation. It is the prosthetic
rehabilitation of the head and neck areas where they are either defective or completely missing due to injury,
surgery, growth defects, disease or congenital malformation.

Orbital Prosthetics


The silicone eye prosthesis is designed to restore lost tissue of the orbital area, including the eye, eyelids and associated tissue.


Orbital defect

Orbital defect.


Orbital prosthesis fitted

Orbital defect with prosthesis fitted.


The eyeball is custom fabricated to match size, colour and appearance of the opposing eye as closely as possible and the prosthesis is carefully carved to appear natural
and provide a realistic match to the constantly changing eye. Eyelashes and eyebrows are added to increase the natural appearance.

Spectacles can also be provided with a graduated tint to allow for any slight colour imbalance that may arise due to the constantly changing natural skin tones.


Nasal Prosthetics

The nasal prosthesis aims, either fully or partially, to restore the lost tissue of the external nose .

The silicone prosthesis is a great benefit to those who wear glasses, and provides much needed mucosa protection

Auricular prosthesics

The ear prosthesis aims to partially or fully restore the external ear.

The silicone prosthesis improves appearance and as with the nasal prosthesis, is of particular benefit to those who wear glasses, providing much needed support.

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